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Entry #1

New here :D

2016-10-31 17:07:17 by FallenAngel176

Hey I'm new here to this place, and i hope to meet awesome friends,artist etc. 

Bio about me: 

Hi my name is FallenAngel176 and I like metal, sonic,anime,and video games  [:)]

Favorite visual artist:Akira Toriyama, Christopher Hart,SketchyTrav

Favorite movies:Planet of the Apes, X-men Origins:Wolverine, Jurassic World, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America

Favorite TV shows:Sonic X, DragonBall Z, FaceOff, Ink Master, Bar Rescue, HunterxHunter(2011)Favorite bands / musical artists:Staind, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Motionless in white, Evanescence, Evans Blue, Bring me the Horizon, Ghost Town Favorite books:Anything Horror related Favorite writers:Olivor Onions and all other horror writersFavorite games:Asura's Wrath, Uncharted Drake's fortune, Deadpool, Sonic Unleashed, Skate 3, Darksiders 2, Sonic generations Favorite gaming platform Console: PS3/PS4


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2016-11-02 12:36:26

Hey there FallenAngel176! Welcome to the site!

FallenAngel176 responds:

thank you, sorry for the extra late reply XD been very busy with school etc.